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For after-hours emergencies, call 361-212-6748

Monday-Friday     9am - 5:30pm

Mark Baylis

Originally from South Africa, Mark spent most of his career as an IBM computer engineer (20+) years. Since then he has worked at several other technology companies abroad and in the US. Several years ago, he developed a passion for repairing mobile devices. LavacaTech offers him the opportunity to work on a wide variety of devices and he likes it that way.

Mark is also an Apple Certified Technician.

Who we are

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Kim Baylis

Kim started out at Intel Corp in the '80s and has worked with technology ever since, focusing mostly on software (programming, support, education). She taught AP Computer Science at a Baltimore high school for 10 years. At LavacaTech, she does whatever Mark doesn't -- paperwork, making iPhones behave, web development,

catering, and errand running.

LavacaTech began in 2013 as The iGadget Guy which specialized in Apple consumer devices. We purchased damaged devices, repaired them, and resold them.  Over the years, people discovered that we also knew quite a bit about computer systems and started to ask for help in that area as well. 

In 2014, we renamed the company to LavacaTech and opened a shop in Hallettsville.  We now repair all types of consumer electronic devices and service all aspects of computer systems for personal or business use.