Peripheral Support

We understand that a complete computer system includes all the other devices that make a computer truly useful. We are able to install, service, and repair many devices including printers, routers, monitors, etc.  

Computer Services

Networking & Security

We can set up your new network devices so that all your components "talk" to each other. We can set up multiple network configurations for multiuser or office environments. We can even set you up on a Hot Spot cellular network (ask us what that is if you don't know) if you live in an area that is struggling with Internet access or performance.  We will make sure you have the best option for anti-virus protection.  

Data Backup & Recovery

Since our entire lives are now stored on our computers, it's important to back everything up regularly. Your photos, important documents, and other system files should be backed up on a schedule that is determined by considering the value of the information, the amount of information, and the frequency of changes to the information. We can help set up a back up system if you don't have one. We can also attempt data recovery from your hard drive if your system experiences a hard crash and you don't have a back up already made.

Software Setup & Updates

We can install software for you, configuring it to your environment. This includes drivers for your system and peripherals. If you haven't upgraded your operating system in a while, we can help with that too.

Hardware Repairs & Upgrade

We can replace or upgrade the following items for most computers: internal disk drive (HDD), memory (RAM), the motherboard, the CPU, and the fan. We will clean your computer thoroughly (trust us, it needs it) and restore any software, drivers, and data that you want to keep.

If you want to upgrade to a whole new computer, we can transfer your existing software and data to a new computer that you buy and bring in to us. Or, we can build a computer from scratch (designed to your specifications) and migrate your software and data to the new system.

Virus & Malware Removal

​One of the most common problems we are asked to work on is malware and virus removal.  Even if you have antivirus software installed, you can still get infected.  It takes an hour or two for a system cleaning (depending on the extent of the infection).  Not sure you've got a virus? Call to discuss the symptoms you see. 

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