Note on Water Damaged Phones:

Water damage is one of the few areas where repairs can be impossible.  Salt water is almost immediately fatal to the phone. If your phone gets wet, turn it all the way off IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT play with it to see if it still works. Using it sends electrical currents through the circuitry which, when wet, shorts out internal components. Dry it off as much as possible. Bring it into the shop ASAP. We still may not be able to salvage it, but we can at least look at it. If corrosion has not yet occurred, there are some steps we can take to give it the best chance possible at survival.

​​Cracked screen

Cracked back glass

Speakers/Microphone malfunctions

Power/Home buttons stop working 

Charging Port doesn't work

Battery stops holding a charge

Minor water damage (see note below)

Bent Frames

Problems syncing with iTunes

Camera replacement (front or back)

Volume button issues

Most of our repairs takes under an hour to complete. Our "Phones First" policy also ensures that you can be up and running with your phone in the shortest time possible. If you have an urgent repair, it is always helpful to call ahead so we can schedule other work around your arrival (so the technician is not out on a house call).

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We stock parts for the devices that we are asked to fix regularly.  Some parts are ordered as needed. For the newest models of phones, we prefer to order parts when needed because prices come down over time which allows us to offer repairs at the lowest possible price.   

For after-hours emergencies, call 361-212-6748

Monday-Friday     9am - 5:30pm


For AT&T users, if your phone repair can't be completed the same day you bring it in, you can use one of our loaner phones until yours is ready.  We have refurbished Apple iPhones available for sale or loan. 

Common iPhone/iPad Repairs