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A bit of geography...

We are located in Hallettsville and will visit sites in the surrounding area of Lavaca County.  If you are outside this area, but still would like us to come to your site, we will add a travel fee for each visit.  The fee would be determined by mileage.

Remote Access Support

We generally prefer to support computers in person. However, if you anticipate needing frequent support, and would like a possibly faster response time or resolution to your issue, we can set up a remote access arrangement.  In this arrangement, when you call for support we will connect to your system (with your involvement required) over the internet.  If this is something you are interested in considering, call us to discuss your specific needs and setup.

If you have a computer that is difficult to bring in to our shop, we can visit you. Whether it is a residence or place of business, we can usually be on site within a day.  Please call the office to arrange for a site visit.

There are times when, even if the computer could be transported to the shop, it makes more sense to work on site. For example, if the problem is connectivity to a printer or the network, we need to see the computer in its functional environment.  If you're not sure the best way to have us work on your computer, just call to discuss.

For after-hours emergencies, call 361-212-6748

Monday-Friday     9am - 5:30pm

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