There is no end to the variety of things we see that need repair. Some devices are not recommended for repair; inexpensive tablets are better to simply replace. But we have worked on a wide range of devices, and the list is growing. We are happy to take a stab at any electronic device that needs some attention. So far we've had the opportunity to fix:

Gallagher Electric Fence Units (we are authorized to get parts from Gallagher)

a cattle prod :)

printers of all sorts

game consoles (disk drives, power cords mistaken as a dog toy)

electronic level

bore scope

radar detector

If we can't fix it, we'll tell you, but we're happy to try anything once.

Except TVs. We can repair some electrical components of the TV, but getting reliable parts for modern TVs is a challenge. We don't do TVs.

Other Devices

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