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We do many other things besides repair electronics. 

Cell Phone Boosters

We are a certified SureCall Cellular Booster installer. We will map out your coverage needs, recommend an appropriate cell booster, and do the installation.

On-Site Networking 

We sell most common networking equipment and can install them in your location. This includes routers, switches, ethernet cabling, etc.

Custom Computers

Need a desktop that meets your needs precisely? We can build that for you. 

Refurbished Computers

We usually have a few refurbished desktops and laptops available. Our goal with these machines is to provide a lower-cost option for people who need to get started with a computer or upgrade an older (XP/Vista) computer. All our refurbished computers come installed with Windows 10 and antivirus software.

Support and Training

Got a question? Any question? Just stop in and ask. (free service)

Password and Apple ID Help

If you forget your Apple ID or email password, stop in. We can work together to sort out your account. It can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes, but in most cases, it can be resolved in one visit. (free service)

Other Services

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